Monitor your security
like never before...
Better informed and better protected with CONXTD
Alarm Monitoring East Sussex See the status of your alarm when you're not there
Receive Real Time
Monitor your home and work all from one app
Alarm Monitoring East Sussex Configure what alarms are most important to you
Get CONXTD by CCTV East Sussex
Get CONXTD and we'll place control back in your hands with an intuitive smartphone app.
Monitor your home, workplace or even multiple premises all from one place and
stay up-to-date with real time notifications on alarms important to you.
The many benefits of being CONXTD
Being CONXTD opens the door to a number of great features and opportunities to help you better control your
alarm system and property security. Even better still, CONXTD can be added as a companion app
to any existing Fuzion4 bells only or monitored alarm.
Alarm Monitoring East Sussex
Check your status
For the first time, visualise the status of
your alarm systems from anywhere.
Alarm Monitoring East Sussex
Companion App
Our app can help you manage your
security from anywhere, at anytime.
Alarms East Sussex
Multiple premises
CONXTD can be scaled to monitor multiple premises or homes.
Smart Alarms East Sussex
Add to existing alarms
CONXTD is a straight forward
upgrade for Fuzion4 alarm systems.
Home Alarms East Sussex
Image verification
With camera PIR detectors, you receive
instant verification images.
Home Alarms East Sussex
Simple and flexible
CONXTD is designed to make managing your properties' security easier.
All of your notifications in one place
It's so easy to use - keep up to date on your security system with recognisable colours and icons.
Alarm Monitoring
Alarm Monitoring
Home Alarm Monitoring
Home Alarm Monitoring
Home Alarm Monitoring
Home Alarms
Set Power
Images Engineer
Alarm Monitoring East Sussex
Alarm Monitoring East Sussex
Your alarms are
ordered for you and
presented as easily
understood icons.
Alarm Monitoring East Sussex
Smart Alarms East Sussex
Receive real time
notifications on the
alarms important
to you.
East Sussex Alarm Monitoring  
Home Alarm
CONXTD revolutionises how you manage your home security. For the first time, you can see notifications on your phone when your alarm is armed, disarmed or an event occurs.
CONXTD for Home Owners
Business Alarm
Manage one or multiple properties from CONXTD and instantly see the current status of your security from one convenient place. CONXTD can be used for retail, offices, hospitals, education and much more.
CONXTD for Business Owners
Invite trusted users to help control your security
Whether you are securing your home or business, we're better when we're working together to keep everyone safe.
CONXTD allows you to invite family, friends and colleagues to help monitor your property, you can even set user levels
to control what they can see and manage.
Smart Alarms East Sussex
Friends and Family
Invite your friends and family to help
watch over your property and security.
You can set who gets notifications so
others can help out when you're at
work or away from home.
Alarm Monitoring East Sussex
Staff and Colleagues
Share your properties' security with
your team and become more efficient
at securing what matters most. You
can set user permissions at varying
levels of control.
Smart Alarms East Sussex
Professional Monitoring
Away on holiday and require an extra helping hand? Opt-in to temporary professional monitoring with police response and we'll keep an eye on things until your return.
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