Density Control solutions to safely manage customer numbers

With the reopening of Retail, Hospitality, Personal Services and Community Healthcare under way, the safety of customers and staff is the number one priority.

Fuzion 4 offer a range of Density Control products designed to safely, precisely and automatically manage customer numbers and avoid overcrowding.

Practical and actionable solutions to help keep everyone safe, from Fuzion 4.

Dual-Lens People Counting Network Camera

3D binocular stereo vision and deep learning algorithm improves the accuracy of people counting and removes the possibility of human error. Its dual lenses provide rich, full-colour images and enhanced picture detail. Supports a reverse alarm and filtering by height.

Designed to help your team manage the safe reopening of your establishment

  • Incidents such as panic buying and subsequent lack of supplies can occur when supermarkets or other spaces are overcrowded
  • To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, public places are required to control the number of people in specific areas