Fire safety, security and electrical installations for the manufacturing industry across London and the South East

Introducing CCTV Systems into a manufacturing environment can help to establish a greater level of surveillance on factory floors, improve insights into employee performance and even help safeguard your business from false compensation or health and safety claims.

Depending on your requirements, we can begin to design and implement CCTV systems aimed to either deter crime, increase performance or provide you with key insights allowing you to make the right decisions for your business.

Its important for your security system to remain reliable and in good working order, regular maintenance ensures that your system will run smoothly without any problems. Our maintenance contracts ensures that your system is serviced and maintained to the current BS EN standards, including the provision of an engineer on call 24 hours a day if any unforeseen problems arise.

With any manufacturing plant, there is an emphasis on Health and Safety, as well as quality control and day-to-day efficiency of staff. CCTV cameras can help you to combat crime, false compensation claims and increase efficiency within your staff and processes with insightful analytics.

Our Clients

Object tracking and performance monitoring

Using video analytics, we can train CCTV cameras to watch over production lines and report back with detailed information or alerts. Our cameras can identify objects based on size, quantity and more – all of which can be used to streamline your processes and avoid costly downtime.

We can provide detailed surveillance on machinery and automate events. For example, if the fill level for a tank reaches a critical level, then a valve can be opened automatically – all whilst a member of staff is notified.

Surveillance within manufacturing

Intelligent CCTV systems provide a wealth of benefits for manufacturing plants including the ability to cover critical areas around the external perimeter of particular areas, providing video evidence to disapprove claims, as well as monitoring numbers of people and vehicles on site.

All footage can be accessed and reviewed in an instant – you are able to view the footage from your CCTV cameras in a central location, as well as accessing both live and historical footage from any device. Whether it is via a mobile phone, PC, laptop or Mac, CCTV analytics allow you to access information regardless of the day or night, 365 days of the year.


Business insights with video analytics

With advanced industry experience, combined with our technology and business acumen, Fuzion 4 are able to maximise your business efficiency through interesting business insights.

People counting, movement patterns, sweethearting, customer demographics, unusual event detection, visualisation interface and daily summary report generation are some of the ways CCTV video analytics can be used within manufacturing premises.