Fire Safety, Security and Electrical Installations across London and the South East

Qualified, experienced and motivated staff

Our engineers are motivated, experienced and kept at the forefront of their disciplines through continuous professional training. Working across the South East of England, we’ve consulted with businesses large and small, offering expert advice, free technical surveys and quality installations.

Choose Fuzion 4 and you can draw from our combined strength and over 40 years of experience in the Industry. We’re proud to offer a truly all-in-one service to businesses across the South East.

The benefits of operating a group of businesses of similar types, is the ability to fully integrate and utilise engineering and administrative resources. Many of our staff are able to seamlessly move between companies to assist at times of high workloads, giving us a considerable flexibility in maintaining and satisfying customer demand.

As part of the Fuzion 4 group we can provide our clients with total satisfaction. Combining our experience and knowledge improves our implementation of fire and security systems, whilst combining our resources allows us to provide unrivalled response and customer care.

No matter the size of your business or home, we endeavour to build long term relationships with our clients. Our engineers provide a friendly, professional and accredited security service – able to supply a wide range of class-leading security products not available elsewhere from a single source. Working together Fuzion 4 offers unrivalled support and response, with a true all-in-one service.

Our Clients