Fuzion 4 design and install Intruder Alarm systems across London and the South East

Burglar alarms typically form the basis of a security system for most properties. As Fuzion 4 we offer alarm systems that provide detection of intruders and act as a great deterrent, allowing you to be proactive about protecting your home or business.

Our alarms are handpicked for their quality and reliability. Choose Fuzion4 as your alarm provider, and make your property up to 80% safer from Burglary.

Should my system be monitored?

There are various forms of alarm monitoring. If you are a business, one of these will almost certainly be a requirement of your insurers. Monitored system provides the best form of protection, ensuring that, you, your keyholders and the police where relevant are advised

What level of protection do I require?

Most domestic properties will be very similar in their requirements, combining area and perimeter protection with pet friendly devices where necessary. Most systems will be based on passive infra-red movement detectors, systems can be wired or wire free.

Truly Tailored Installations

Here at Fuzion 4, we have over 40 years of industry experience and knowledge, allowing us to provide dedicated intruder alarm system design and installations to ensure that our system perfect protect people, property and assets.

Where does Fuzion 4 work?

As a group Fuzion 4 we offer a truly unrivalled fire and security service across East Sussex, Kent and the surrounding area.

Our Clients

Do you have the protection that you need? Speak to us, we are here to help.

An intruder alarm system (burglar alarm) is an electrically operated security system, designed to detect intrusion, or unauthorised entry into a building or area. Intruder alarms are often used in most buildings including residential, commercial and industrial properties for protection against burglary (theft) or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders.

Am I at risk? Do I need an intruder alarm?

This decision will be determined by your level of risk i.e. the local crime rate, where you are located, ease of access to the property, the value of personal possessions or stock if it is a business. In reality everyone has items of value, electronic devices, jewellery etc. If you are a business, or have high value possessions your insurance company will almost certainly insist you have an intruder alarm system installed.