Fuzion4 design and install Stand Alone Access Control Systems across London and the South East

Access control is crucially important for the security of buildings, property, employees and their belongings. It is about controlling and regulating who has access to, around and within buildings. The degree of complexity of the access control system can vary in accordance with the end users requirements

Standalone access control solutions provide digital keypad and or proximity readers for standalone doors where access and egress are the only requirements. There are a variety of these products offering a wide range of features and solutions that are both cost effective and user friendly.

Our stand alone access control systems can help in the reduction of costs due to the nature of their design



Our Clients

Be put back in control of the access from your building with our effective access control solutions.

A standalone access control system is the perfect solution for when you are looking to keep in control of access to and from one particular door or many other independent doors within your building. Due to the way that our systems have been designed, our access control system can help in reduction of costs that may be associated with other aspects for example cabling.