Fuzion 4 install 24hr CCTV surveillance systems across London and the South East.

We’ve a long history of specialising in the security sector.

We understand the need for an effective surveillance presence at night, no matter what industry or business you are wishing to protect. Statistically speaking, most burglaries happen between 10:00pm and 3:00am – therefore it is essential to have day/night cameras that capture footage at all hours.

We trust in the use of Hikvision for HQ Qualtiy footage. Crystal clear video footage from class-leading CCTV manufacturers allows you to pinpoint events and identify people from afar.

Rest easy knowing your property is protected using the latest ‘dark fighter’ technology, able to capture footage even in complete darkness.

High quality . video recording and perimeter surveillance gives you the ability to cover critical areas around the external perimeter of your business, from car parks to outbuildings, you’re protected at all hours.

Our Clients

24/7 manned surveillance

Most internet protocal (IP) cameras now boast some form of day/night feature, ranging from basic image optimisation technologies, to advanced day/night functionality in mid- to high-end models. Operating across East Sussex and Kent, Fuzion 4 are able to provide our recommendations for the best day/night cameras currently available and show you how best to utilise them.