Fuzion 4 advise on and install Intelligent CCTV Analytics systems across London and the South East

Video analytics is the art of training your HD CCTV cameras to work as security guards. With set routines and tasks, your cameras can identify certain scenes or movement and alert you to threat. CCTV working in this way can provide preventative protection for your business, rather than simply analysing past scenes.

Analytics evolves your CCTV systems into a living, breathing security guard – able to track movement, trigger alarms and collect vital data. Your cameras can be security guards, able to track individuals and follow them through the environment – triggering alarms in the event of intrusion.

Designate virtual perimeters on fence lines, restricted areas or even no-parking zones. If entered by person or vehicle, an alarm can be triggered.

Unlike traditional CCTV which may only record evidence of a crime taking place, Video Analytics can be trained to spot crimes before they are committed. Guards can be alerted upon intrusion or suspicious activity whilst your cameras continue to capture the scene in full HD quality for later review.

With Video Analytics, your cameras work in unison with access control, intruder alarms and gate automation to provide 24/7 surveillance. Audit trails can be verified in HD footage and incidents can be caught proactively as well as stored for later review.

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Advanced detection & business insights

Traditional CCTV cameras once surveyed a scene, offering historic footage to be recalled in the event of a crime or incident. Today, video analytics can help your cameras to do much more. From movement detection on virtual perimeters, to advanced object tracking and facial recognition, our systems can be tailored to any security challenge or scenario.