Fuzion 4 install Pan, Tilt & Zoom CCTV camera across London and the South East

Professional PTZ cameras are the platform for any intelligent surveillance system, allowing you to integrate into other technologies.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras are the eyes and ears for your security system. Our experience in surveillance equipment allows us to tailor these systems to perform tasks suited to your business and application, including tracking movement, capturing number plates or even detecting flaws in health and safety procedure.

Many of our Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras come fitted with built-in motion tracking – perfect for protecting perimeters around your property. Dependent on the model you choose, your Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera can detect movement up to 1,000 feet and subsequently zoom-in on subjects in a discreet manner for a clear picture of the scene.

Once connected to your alarm, your Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera can provide a second, visual verification of any alarm detections from door sensors, break-glass sensors and PIR detectors.

Our Clients

high-end HD performance from Pan,Tilt and Zoom cameras.

Pan, tilt and zoom cameras are the most capable of all CCTV cameras, allowing you to track movement and survey a 360° field of view with pinpoint accuracy. With remote control, or with the addition of remote monitoring, you can follow scenes in motion, zoom-in and capture details in HD resolution. Alternatively, PTZ cameras can be tailored to scan a designated area automatically.