Fuzion 4 Install thermal imaging CCTV systems and cameras across London and the South East

In extreme low light, harsh weather conditions or where security is paramount, thermal CCTV is becoming a popular addition to security systems. Detecting thermal energy, these cameras cut through darkness for unrivalled detection – however their qualities can often be used for much more than just surveillance.

Unlike day/night cameras, Thermal CCTV doesn’t rely on IR LEDs for it’s range – this means you can detect objects at great distant from just a heat signature. Thermal CCTV is by far the best solution for night time surveillance, it’s ability to flawlessly detect movement without false alarm is unrivalled.

Our team can even install Thermal CCTV cameras to work alongside existing security measures, providing you with the advantages of both systems. Thanks to it’s greater range, Thermal CCTV cameras can out-perform 2 or more standard cameras, allowing you to install much less hardware and equipment and consequently save money.

As well as surveillance, thermal cameras have endless uses in monitoring factory processes. Our cameras can aid food production, ensure quality control or pre-empt machinery downtime.

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The many uses of thermal CCTV cameras

Thermal cameras can be tailored to identify both uniformity and spikes in temperature – providing essential data about your production process. The need to accurately monitor the temperature of foods in the cooking, chilling and freezing processes is integral within food manufacturing plants and is therefore the quality control method of choice for many production and manufacturing premises across the world.